Vegan Diet for Beginners

Vegan Diet 101:

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Foods you can and can’t eat on vegan diet
00:59 – Vegan versions of meats and dairy
01:32 – Is the vegan diet healthy?
01:47 – Health benefits of the vegan diet
02:06 – Vegan diet for high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and heart health
02:22 – Vegan diet for weight loss
02:55 – Vegan diet and blood sugar
03:29 – Vegan diet for cancer prevention
03:53 – Downsides of the vegan diet
04:04 – Vitamin deficiencies and supplements with the vegan diet
04:37 – Protein for vegan diet
05:15 – What does a typical day of eating look like on the vegan diet?
06:07 – Mindful eating on the vegan diet

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