The Best Premed Major (for Medical School) #SHORTS

I get a lot of questions from students asking me, “what premed major will maximize my chances of getting into medical school?” Here’s my response. First, at most colleges, there is no such thing as a “premed major.” You can technically choose whatever major you like, so long as you complete the medical school prerequisites. The only difference is that some make the process less complicated than others.

If your top priority is getting into medical school, I recommend you pursue a major in biological science – particularly one that is of interest to you.

The requirements for your major will overlap nicely with your medical school prerequisites, minimizing the number of classes you need to take.

That being said, there are students who still would rather pursue something else. If you have a burning interest in political science, for instance, don’t be afraid to follow that passion.

There may be less overlap between medical school prerequisites and your major requirements, but some medical schools might actually prefer your unique background and interests.

Whatever major you choose though, it’s crucial that you take the time to hone your work ethic and study strategies.

Medical school is the toughest, most rigorous schooling in the world – make sure you’re prepared for it.

Check out the full video for the specific details.

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