The Best Foods to Get More Protein in Your Diet

Surprising foods with more protein than an egg. If you’re interested in portion control, weight loss, and muscle building, try these surprising foods that have more protein than an egg.

Protein can act as an appetite suppressant by reducing hunger levels. Eating enough protein can reduce food cravings for late night snacks. It’s also good for your bones, increases muscle mass and strength, boosts metabolism and increases fat-burning, lowers blood-pressure, helps maintain weight loss, and won’t damage healthy kidneys.

Here are surprising food with more protein than an egg.

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Pumpkin seeds which contain magnesium and zinc
01:22 – Chickpea pasta
02:03 – Sprouted grain bread
02:49 – Cottage cheese
03:46 – Hemp seeds or hemp hearts
04:38 – Black beans
05:11 – Quinoa
06:04 – Almonds
06:48 – Peanut butter
08:21 – Lentils
08:54 – Tofu
10:12 – Greek yogurt
11:30 – Milk

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