So You Want to Be a SURGEON [Ep. 2] #SHORTS

So you want to be a surgeon. You love working with your hands and enjoy complexity, challenge, and nuance. To become a surgeon, you must complete four years of medical school followed by 5 years of general surgery residency. For those wanting to specialize further, there are numerous one- to three-year fellowship programs including colorectal surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and oncologic surgery, to name a few.

Some surgical subspecialties, such as plastics, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery have integrated residency programs where you complete 5 to 7 years of specialized surgery training after medical school.

Surgical specialties tend to be at the higher end of compensation with neurosurgery, plastics, and orthopedic surgery consistently in the top 3 highest paid doctor specialties.

There are few specialties outside of surgery where you can have as profound and immediate of an impact on your patients.

That being said, the training to become a surgeon is longer than most specialties with a minimum of 5 years of training after medical school and upwards of 8 years depending on the subspecialty.

The lifestyle of surgeons also tends to be much more challenging and demanding than most other specialties.

But if you’re willing to endure the long hours and difficult schedule, there is nothing quite like the operating room.

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So You Want to Be a SURGEON [Ep. 2]:

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One Simple Idea To Get a Great Night’s Sleep

I’ve never been a good sleeper. Even from an early age, I remember getting to sleep was always a problem – and this continued into adulthood. Going to bed later than everyone else, struggling to fall asleep and on many occasions getting up tired and irritable due to unfulfilled rest was normal for me.

How to Treat Sleeping Disorders and Sleep Depravation

There are a variety of reasons why someone might suffer from a lack of sleep, several of which are medical. However, it is important to treat sleeping disorders as just that – disorders. This means that whether you’re suffering from a lack of sleep on a regular basis or, just every once in a while it’s important to uproot the cause of the problem and solve the issue – before you suffer multiple sleepless nights.

Pros And Cons Of Sleep Disorder

Do you normally lose sleep or wake up feeling tired when dawn breaks? This could be as a result of a sleep disorder. Sleeping for many hours during the day is also a sleep disorder for those who think that it is very normal.

Effects of Air Mattresses On Sleep and Bed Climate

Maintain the Perfect Temperature for a Comfortable Sleep – There are many misconceptions as to the comfort offered by air mattresses. There was a time when mattresses were thought of to be very uncomfortable to sleep on. Today however, with the range of design features, durable construction and the choice of materials, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep without any discomfort.

Tips for Getting a Better Sleep

It is recommended that an average person should have have 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Several research studies have shown the benefits of good sleep on mental health. It plays a critical role in learning, metabolism and other aspects of human functions.

Step by Step Guide On How To Choose The Best Memory Foam Mattress

Are you looking for some sleep on a memory foam mattress? A good night’s rest is crucial for your short and long-term health, so it is essential to choose a mattress that resonates with your body’s physical needs and your sleep.

Fall Fast Asleep Like A Baby

Find out the top 4 common reasons many people have problems falling asleep quickly and what to do about them. Plus learn a quick tip for falling asleep fast from an experienced hypnotherapist.

Mattress Foam Enhances The Sleep Experience

Mattress foam technology has created a diverse selection of products for the consumer to select from. This variety has made finding the ideal sleep solution easier and more customizable.

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Body Needs More Sleep

Sleep. Most of us can’t get enough. Some people sleep too much and some can’t get to sleep at all! Sleep is a pretty personal thing. Some of us need a lot more than others and others survive on a lot less!

Importance of Sleep

For your body and mind to be at its optimal state, it needs adequate rest periods to repair and re-energize. In my last article I discussed the importance of taking rest days from your workouts. Today, I’m will share the importance of getting adequate shut-eye, as well as some tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

How Your Dentist Can Solve Your Snoring Problem

Have a snoring problem that’s driving your partner up the wall? Your dentist may be able to help. Find out how here.

Six Tips to Stay Asleep During the Night

A recent National Sleep Foundation poll reports that American insomnia rates have increased from 51% to 64% in the last few years. Insomnia can wreak havoc on the health and lives of its sufferers, causing excessive daytime sleepiness and extreme lack of energy. The sleep-deprived can become irritable and depressed and may have trouble focusing on tasks, paying attention, learning and remembering.

Can A Lack Of Physical Activity Lead To Sleep Disorders?

Sleep disorders can arise due to various health issues, but the most common factor responsible for lack of sleep in children is the inactive lifestyle. Our children do not spend as much time in the playgrounds as they should, which is leading to a sedentary behavior that poses a threat of cardiovascular diseases and various other ailments that can become fatal over time.

Four Science Based Studies on How to Remedy Insomnia and Sleep Better

Almost six out of ten Americans experience insomnia and sleep problems at least a few nights a week, as reported in a recent study done by the National Sleep Foundation. Insomnia is defined as “An inability to fall asleep or remain asleep long enough to feel rested, especially when the problem continues over time.”

Things To Consider When Shopping At The Mattress Store

Shopping for a new bed at the mattress store can be confusing. Use these simple tips to help you find the bed of your dreams.

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