Purple vs Leesa – #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED)

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Purple vs Leesa – #1 Mattress Review Guide (UPDATED). In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his updated comparison of Leesa vs Purple. Leesa might just be the most popular bed in a box brand on earth and Purple isn’t too far behind. Purple has multiple beds like the NewDay mattress, Purple Plus, Purple Hybrid, and Purple Hybrid Premier mattress. Leesa also has a few options like the Leesa Original Hybrid, Leesa Studio, Leesa Sapira, and the Leesa Legend mattress. Purple is known to have a unique feel to their mattress thanks to their top layer called the GelFlex Grid. The Leesa Original, on the other hand, has more of a standard foam feel. JD touches on the mattress policies offered with each mattress brand which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattresses, how they feel and their firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for either bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy these mattresses. If you’re a heavy person, JD recommends opting for the Purple Hybrid or the Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress since they utilize coils for extra support. Thanks for watching this Leesa Original mattress vs Purple mattress comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Purple or Leesa for your next bed.

Full Purple vs Leesa Mattress Comparison:

Original Purple Mattress Review:

Purple Hybrid Review:

Leesa Mattress Review:

Leesa Studio Review:

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Review:

Leesa Legend Hybrid Review:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – General Mattress Policies
2:28 – Similarities
3:15 – Leesa Construction
3:43 – Purple Construction
4:53 – X-Factors
5:59 – Other Bed Options
6:33 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
7:40 – Final Verdict: Purple vs Leesa
8:04 – Conclusion

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