Purple Restore vs Rejuvenate Mattress | Which Bed Is Better? (REVIEW)


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Purple Premium vs Luxe Mattress | Review & Comparison (NEW). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers his comparison of the new Purple Rejuvenate mattresses vs the Purple Premium Collection. The Premium collection are the hybrid mattresses from Purple which include the Restore, RestorePlus and RestorePremier mattresses. The Restore mattresses still utilize the GelFlex Grid as the top layer of the mattress. As for the Luxe collection, the Purple Rejuvenate mattress is one of three from this luxury bed collection. The Luxe collection still uses the company’s GelFlex Grid, but they also incorporate pocketed coils for support purposes. The RejuvenatePlus and RejuvenatePremier are the other two mattresses within the Luxe Collection. In this video, JD covers what the Purple beds are made of, what the Purple beds feel like and how firm/soft they are. He also talks about what types of sleepers (side, back or stomach) will like each bed as well as what body types (small, medium, heavy). Thanks for watching this Purple hybrid vs luxury mattress review. Hopefully it helps you find the right Purple mattress for your situation.

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Review:

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Purple Original vs Purple Hybrid Mattress Comparison:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – General Mattress Policies
2:25 – Construction & Feel
5:12 – Firmness
5:55 – Other Options
6:23 – Fun Facts
7:38 – Pricing
8:26 – Final Verdict: Purple Premium vs Luxe
9:15 – Conclusion

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