Our Experts Visit 3Z Brands To See How Mattresses Are Made!

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Our Experts Visit 3Z Brands To See How Mattresses Are Made! In this video our sleep experts, Caroline and Owen, tour a mattress facility in Phoenix. This facility is from 3Z brands which makes a number of different mattresses for multiple online bed in box mattress brands. Some of these brands include Brooklyn Bedding, Leesa, Helix, Nolah, Bear mattress, Plank, Titan, Dreamfoam bedding and more! Caroline and Owen explore how beds are made as well as how the raw materials are created and constructed for each mattress. They also see equipment that tests the overall durability of the beds manufactured at the facility. Our CNET Team was able to test their mattresses and visit their mattress facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and see more videos from our tour at this facility.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – Start of the Tour
1:41 – How the Border Fabric & Mattress Cover Is Created
3:59 – How Pocketed Coils Are Created
5:58 – An Inside Look of Foam Pouring & Cutting
8:34 – How a Mattress Is Assembled & Created
9:17 – What Are Microcoils & Zoned-Support Design?
9:57 – The Intricacies of Mattress Building
11:40 – Mattress Rollator: Testing the Lifespan of a Bed
12:30 – What Our Sleep Experts Learned From the Factory
15:34 – Conclusion

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