Nectar vs Layla Mattress | Which Bed Is Better? (2022 Update)

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Nectar vs Layla Mattress | Which Bed Is Better? (2022 Update). In this video, Owen who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach compares the mattresses from Layla vs Nectar. Owen talks about what each bed is made of, what the beds feel like and how firm/soft they are. He also talks about what types of sleepers (side, back, stomach) each of these online bed in a box mattresses are best for. Thanks for watching this updated Nectar vs Layla mattress comparison.

Nectar Sleep: This is a dense memory foam mattress a bit like what you’ll see from TempurPedic. You slowly sink in, and get a good deal of that traditional resistance that people associate with memory foam. The Nectar Sleep mattress is around 11” thick and is made entirely of foam, including gel memory foam quilted into the cover. Nectar clocks in at about a medium to medium firm, or what we call a 5-7—in that range. It should accommodate all sleep styles, but if you’re a petite side sleeper that wants a soft mattress, Layla probably makes more sense.

Layla Mattress: This is a 10” foam bed that actually has two sides—“Firm” and “Soft.” We rate the firm side similarly to Nectar, and the soft side is pretty much a medium-soft. There’s also a noticeable difference between the feel of these two online beds. Nectar feels like dense memory foam, while Layla has the fluffy and light feeling—similar to a pillow mixed with a gel memory foam.

Layla Hybrid: This is the latest mattress from Layla. The Layla Hybrid mattress has a similar feel to the Layla mattress, but with “bounce” on account of the coils. It actually uses pocket coils, whereas Nectar doesn’t come in a hybrid model so there’s no option for people that weigh above about 230 lbs. That said, DreamCloud is owned by the same parent company as Nectar, so maybe that’s worth looking into.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – Policies
1:59 – Similarities – All-Foam Design
2:37 – Similarities – Pricing
3:13 – Differences – Construction & Feel
4:22 – Differences – Firmness
5:26 – Final Verdict: Layla vs Nectar
5:56 – Conclusion

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