I Tried 6 Meal Kits in 6 Weeks! | Choosing the Right Meal Kit

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I Tried 6 Meal Kits in 6 Weeks! | Choosing the Right Meal Kit. Owen Poole, our resident CNET Home chef, puts his cooking skills to the test by tackling 6 meal kits – Dinnerly, Blue Apron, EveryPlate, Purple Carrot, Home Chef, Sunbasket – within 6 weeks of each other. In this video, Owen goes over how to select a meal kit that is right for you. He will be going over things like the nutritional value, amount of servings per meal, affordability of the meal kits, and how these fresh meals taste. He’ll also touch on the recipes he had over the weeks; how easy the instructions are and whether or not the estimated meal prep/cook time is accurate. Owen provides his advice on why you would purchase each meal kit and who they are best for. Hopefully, this best meal kit buyer guide was helpful and narrowed down your search for the best meal kit plan.

Best Meal Kits:

One Week In With Blue Apron:

One Week In With Sunbasket:

One Week In With EveryPlate:

One Week In With Home Chef:

One Week In With Purple Carrot:

One Week In With Dinnerly:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – Do You Follow a Specific Diet?
1:52 – What Amount of Time Do You Want To Cook?
3:24 – What Is Your Budget?
4:54 – Is There Enough Meal Variety?
6:26 – Owen’s Meal Kit Choice
7:00 – Conclusion

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