Have You Examined Your Testicles? #shorts

Here’s how to perform a testicular self-exam to screen for cancer. Testicular cancer is relatively rare but it’s most common in people between the ages of 15-35. The chances of dying from testicular cancer are very low if caught early, with a 5-year survival rate of 99%.

It’s best to perform the exam after a warm bath or shower so that the scrotum is relaxed.

Here’s how you can do the exam:

While standing, examine your scrotum for any visible swelling.
Gently roll each of your testicles between the thumb and forefingers of both your hands to search for any hard lumps, bumps, or changes in size, shape, or consistency.

Find the soft tube that carries sperm away from your testicles, called the epididymis. Feel for any lumps or irregularities on your epididymis.
Continue to feel for any changes in the shape, size, or texture of your testicles. Your testicles should feel smooth and firm.

You should not feel any pain during your exam. Pain can be a sign of a complication that needs medical attention.

It’s typical for one testicle to be slightly larger or to hang lower. Some men confuse blood vessels or other supporting tissues inside the scrotum with a lump. It’s best to visit your doctor if you aren’t sure if something is a concern.

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