Face Exercises to Define Your Cheeks and Jaw

Do face exercises and face yoga really work? While reducing face fat is a result of many factors, you can tone the muscles of the face like the rest of the body. Trainer Saralyn Ward takes you through a series of exercises that may firm up the muscles of your face. Let us know in the comments how it goes!

Highlights of this video:

01:07 – Tucked Lip Smile
01:57 – Vowel Sounds O-E
02:31 – Bouncing Bubble
03:08 – Head Turn with Jaw Shift
03:57 – Tongue to Nose
04:34 -Tongue Hum
05:30 – Chin Protraction and Retraction
06:09 – Head Tilt and Turn
07:19 – Variables that impact face fat and shape

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