Creatine for Maximum Results: Not Just for Gym Bros!

Some research has found that creatine could help reduce mental fatigue, protect brain function, and slow signs of aging.

Creatine is one of the most popular sports supplement on the market, thanks to its impressive benefits for performance and strength. Creatine is a compound produced by your body and found naturally in a variety of foods, including milk, meat, and seafood.

Creatine can increase levels of phosphocreatine, a compound your body uses to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Your body breaks down ATP for energy. For this reason, people typically use creatine supplements to enhance performance in high intensity exercise.

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Benefits of creatine (slows signs of aging, muscle strength and performance)
00:36 – What is creatine?
01:18 – What creatine does to your body
02:05 – Brain benefits of creatine
02:09 – Improved mood, depression, improved memory
02:16 – Supplement for Parkinson’s Disease
02:29 – Supplement for vegans and vegetarians
02:50 – Is creatine safe?
02:56 – Supplement for GI Distress and bloating
03:25 – What results to expect with creatine
03:36 – Muscle gains of 5-15% with creatine
03:46 – Power may improve by 10-20%
03:50 – How to choose which creatine to buy
04:35 – Creatine loading phase
04:42 How to take creatine for maximum results
04:50 – Creatine dosage
05:49 – Take creatine with post-workout meal
06:39 – Creatine monohydrate

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