Casper Nova Review | Best Soft & Plush Mattress of 2022?

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Casper Nova Review | Best Soft & Plush Mattress of 2022? In this video Owen who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers his updated review on the Casper Nova Hybrid. This is the latest mattress in a box from Casper, and the Nova Hybrid fits between Casper Original and Casper Wave in terms of price.

Feel: The best way to describe Casper Nova Hybrid is that it’s cloud-like. It’s very fluffy and airy with a very soft profile. It’s perhaps the best plush mattress online, especially if you like a springy, responsive feel. While this is technically a memory foam bed, it only has one layer, so you can’t really feel that foam at all.

Mattress Firmness: We consider this to be a medium soft mattress or a plush mattress, depending on the language you’d like to use. In either case, it’s a soft bed and it’s extra pressure relieving. For an online mattress in a box, it doesn’t get much softer than the Casper Nova Hybrid mattress.

Sleep Styles: This is among the best mattresses for side sleepers, including those with shoulder pain, hip pain, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. If you’re a side sleeper and you’re looking for a soft bed, it’s definitely worth considering.

Construction: The Casper Nova is a bed in a box and a hybrid mattress with pocket coils. Is it the best Casper mattress out there, who knows? All we can say is it’s the softest Casper mattress out there right now.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Mattress Policies
2:08 – Construction & Feel
3:54 – Zoned-Support Design
5:17 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
6:06 – Information for Couples
6:46 – Pricing & Discounts
7:26 – Final Verdict: Casper Nova Review
7:55 – Conclusion

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