Best Soft Memory Foam Mattresses (Top 6 Plush Beds!)

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Best Soft Memory Foam Mattresses (Top 6 Plush Beds!). In this video, Owen who is a certified sleep science coach covers his list of the best soft memory foam beds online. Generally speaking, side sleepers are the ones who prefer soft beds. On top of that, memory foam beds are known for their pressure relieving qualities. Owen talks about what each bed is made of, how soft/firm each bed is and what types of sleepers each bed in a box is best for. Thanks for watching this memory foam mattress reviews guide.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Online Mattress Policies
2:02 – Nectar Premier
3:07 – Gravity Lux
4:31 – Puffy Lux Hybrid
5:56 – Layla & Layla Hybrid
7:15 – DreamCloud Premier Rest
8:11 – Amerisleep Mattress
9:20 – Conclusion: Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress

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