Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress | TOP 5 Beds For Comfort (UPDATED 2022)

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Best Soft Memory Foam Mattress | TOP 5 Beds For Comfort (UPDATED 2022). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers our list of the best soft memory foam beds on the market. Typically, it’s side sleepers who like soft beds since they need more pressure relief for their hips and shoulders. As such, if you fall into this category, hopefully you’ll find this video helpful. In this video, Wes discusses our top five beds, including Layla mattress, Nectar Premier, DreamCloud Premier Rest, Puffy Lux mattress, and Amerisleep AS5. Topics covered include the construction of each bed in a box, what they feel like and where exactly they fall along the soft to firm scale. Thanks for watching this memory foam mattress reviews video. Hopefully it helps you select the right one for your preferences!

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Nectar Premier Review:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:05 – General Mattress Policies
2:09 – Layla Mattress
3:45 – Nectar Premier
5:05 – DreamCloud Premier Rest
6:28 – Amerisleep AS5
8:08 – Puffy Lux Hybrid
9:19 – Conclusion

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