Bear vs Purple | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED)

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Bear vs Purple | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers Purple vs Bear mattress comparison. Bear and Purple are both popular online bed in a box mattress brands that offer a wide range of mattress models. In this video though, JD focuses on their flagship mattresses, Bear Original and Purple Original. Purple offers a few other models including the Purple Plus, Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier (3 & 4). Their mattresses are made with a special material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which sort of has a gel like feel to it. Purple also calls this polymer the GelFlex Grid which is great for hot sleepers. As for Bear, they offer a few other models including the Bear Pro mattress, Bear Hybrid, and the Bear Elite Hybrid. Bear markets their beds to specifically to athletes and all mattresses have a celliant cover. JD makes sure to cover the differences in each bed’s construction, feel, firmness and sleeper types (back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper and combination sleeper). Thanks for watching this Purple comparison and Bear comparison. Hopefully, it helps you decide whether to go with Bear or Purple for your next online mattress purchase!

Full Bear vs Purple Mattress Comparison:

Original Purple Mattress Review:

Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review:

Bear Mattress Review:

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review:

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0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – General Mattress Policies
2:53 – Similarities – Construction
4:01 – Differences – Feel
5:01 – Differences – Firmness
6:04 – X-Factors
7:15 – Pricing & Discounts
8:15 – Final Verdict: Purple vs Bear Mattress
9:00 – Conclusion

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The History of Chaise Longues

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