4 Global Healthcare Systems Explained #SHORTS

Are you confused by the various healthcare systems in your country and around the world? Here’s what you need to know. There are four main global healthcare models, each with varying degrees of government involvement. In the Beveridge Model, found in Great Britain, the government funds healthcare and there is public delivery of care. The physicians, hospitals, and clinics are all government-owned and regulated.

In the National Health Insurance Model, found in Canada, the government also funds healthcare; however, there is private delivery of care. The physicians, hospitals, and clinics are all a part of the private sector and have greater freedom to practice without government input.

In both systems, there is universal coverage, meaning every citizen is financially backed by an insurer with little out-of-pocket cost for healthcare.

Next is the Private-Payer Model. Citizens are responsible for paying for their medical care with no external coverage. This is often found in poorer countries that can’t afford mass healthcare. As such, medical care often becomes reserved only for the wealthy.

Last is the Bismarck model, which the German healthcare system is derived from. Private insurance companies provide coverage and citizens dedicate a portion of their payroll tax to remain insured. In this model, the delivery of care is mostly private.

Most countries, including the US, are hybrids of these four models.

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